See K's Villa ”Kamogawa-an/Matsumi-an/Takasegawa-tei" on a larger map K's Villa Kamogawa-an/Matsumi-an/Takasegawa-tei


From JR Kyoto station
Approx 20 mins walk from JR Kyoto station.
The best way is to take a taxi (approx 1,000yen from the station.)

From JR Kyoto station to K's Villa Takasegawa-tei by walking
1. Go to the central exit of JR Kyoto station. ( You can see Kyoto Tower.)
2. Walk straight on Karasuma street which is on the right side of Kyoto Tower
until you get to the next intersection.
3. Turn right at the intersection and walk straight approx 10 mins.
( Please walk on the left side of Shichijo street.)
4. Turn right on the Takase river going up on Nishi-Kiyamachi dori street.
( On google maps the street is marked as Nishi-Kiyamachi dori )
5.Takasegawa-tei is approx 10 mins north on Nishi-Kiyamachi dori street just past a slight bend in the river on the left side.

From Kiyomizu-Goijo station on Keihan line
1. Across the big bridge on Gojo street and turn left on the Takase river ( walk right side of the river heading south).
2. Walk approx 150m from Gojo street, K's Villa Takasegawa-tei is on right side of the street.

There is no parking space available at K's Villa Takasegawa-tei.
If you drive, please park your car at the pay parking lot.
There is one car parkings on nearby which costs 900yen for 24hours.

Appearance of Takasegawa-tei

建物外観1 建物外観2

59-5 Minami-Kyogoku-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

Please show this to a taxi driver.
K's Villa高瀬側邸は七条河原町交差点を上がり、河原町七条から2つ目の信号を東に入り、高瀬側の西側(西木屋町通り)を上がり、その先の歩行者専用道路を入ったところにございます。お客様は歩行者専用道路(お茶屋の羽衣さん)の手前で降ろしてください。K's Villa高瀬側邸はお茶屋の羽衣さんから6件目になります。